Fall in love with inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is fast-becoming an attractive solution for businesses seeking customers - have you fallen for it yet?

Picture the scene. You’re in a restaurant, waiting for the blind date your friends have set you up with to arrive. Eager to catch their attention, you’ve dusted down your finest togs and are mentally running through the conversation topics you might use to entertain them. If you play your cards right, this might turn into something special.


Inbound marketing isn’t all that different. Like a first date, the purpose is to engage prospects with the intention of converting their interest to a lasting relationship. The main differences? Less nerves and a chance they will end up recommending you to their contacts after you’ve won their loyalty.

We think that inbound marketing is more than a passing attraction. Unlike outbound marketing, which involves pushing messages via channels such as billboards and press adverts, inbound marketing is two-way communication. Instead of buying interest, it’s about presenting yourself in an interesting way.

As the graphic below demonstrates, the stages of inbound marketing are to attract strangers to your website, convert and close their custom, then delight them with content until they advocate your brand.


This is the UXB approach. Not only is the cost per lead for inbound marketing 62% less than traditional outbound marketing, it has a higher conversion rate because the focus is on delivering great content to people who are interested in the subject matter. This means higher click-through rates and more satisfied customers.

Another great feature? It’s entirely measurable. That means you can keep track of your conversions and tweak your strategy in line with user behaviour, to streamline your campaigns and assess their return on investment.

If you like the sound of inbound marketing and have got something to shout about, get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to discuss how it can help your business. It might be the start of something beautiful.

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