Know your audience

The Audience Agency

Transforming customer experience through a business and service design rethink

The Audience Agent work with arts organisation to help them understand and use data to increase their audience. We designed and managed their website, advise on digital communications and help out where we can. We also provided UX services for Audience Finder, created the Audience Data Sharing website with ACE and developed and designed Audience Spectrum, an audience profiling tool.

"UXB really took the time to get under the skin of the business, discuss our needs and understand the pressures of the various stakeholders"

As The Audience Agency moved from being, primarily, a consultancy business, to a digitally focused one, the chance to think afresh was not to be missed. They asked us to take a close look at their offer and its presentation.

The Audience Agency is funded by The Arts Council to provide practical advice and insight driven tools to help venues grow their audience. They had evolved as an organisation but recognised that their products and services were confusing to potential customers.

We were empowered by our client to: