We help people digest big data in a unique and visual way

Website users love infographics. They are easily digested, readily saved and shared, and stick around online for a long time giving you highly cost effective, evergreen content.

We've produced static, interactive and video infographics for many clients, most of which can still be found working hard on line.

Infographics can be a visually striking and viral way to spread data uncovered by your company. Whether it is to demonstrate insights discovered in a white paper or research conducted online, infographics can help you portray the most important data in an easy to read way.

On the social web, people often share, pin, like and comment on infographics as they embrace all the internet has to offer: information, great design and, if done well, humour.

Creating a great infographic that people want to share isn't easy. At UXB, we have the multiskill set that can bring your data alive online.


With our content team, we will take your information and rework it to engage the social web by stripping away the unnecessary and keeping the great information.


Our experienced design team will then think of fun and beautiful designs that will have people admiring the graphic at first glance.


The UXB development team can then turn the static content and design into an online, interactive and mobile experience for your users.