Together we are beautiful


Transforming the way schools and arts organisations can work together

This online resource commissioned by A New Direction connects arts organisations with schools. All ACE NPOs can use their profile on ANDtogether to promote their services to schools across London. Facilitated by AND this service provides the missing link for hard pressed teachers and school administrators. We also designed and manage the website for A New Direction and CreateJobs, an employment service for young people. In 2019 we took the learning from ANDtogether and migrated the data to LookUp.

"Anything that helps schools navigate it (the cultural offer in London) would be a huge asset"

We worked with A New Direction (AND) to develop an online service to connect school teachers and arts organisations across London. The goal, to deliver on AND's core aim of creating more cultural experiences for young people in the capital.

We designed and built an online proof of concept in a month – in order to launch at the annual schools conference in 2014. This beta website was designed to help gather ideas from, and test the assumptions of the target audiences.

Due to the short timeframe, planning and decision making had to be made collaboratively and quickly. Much of the pre-development work was completed over the course of two in-depth discovery sessions.

At the conference teachers said:

"That's amazing", "I want to use that".

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