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Arkesden Partners

Arkesden Partners are an international search group working in the financial services sector

We created a new marque for Arkesden Partnership that could be utilised across the subsidiary business areas. Brand assets were developed including stationary, word processing templates, compensation reports and brochures. We then created a new website. Subsequently we have created a secondary brand for Arkesden Interim and designed and developed the website.

Great stuff guys, many thanks


Recruitment and head hunting firm Arkesden Partners have a worldwide client base and undertake mandates from many of the world's largest financial businesses.


UXB were commissioned to develop a new brand and digital presence. A brand that reflected the market positioning of the business.


We created a brand identity that covered the operational sectors of the business and that could be applied either at a group or sector level.

We designed and developed a new website using BoomCMS.

We designed supporting marterials including stationery, reports and presentations.

We created a website for the Arkesden Interim subsidiary..


Design and digital campaign work for leading private healthcare provider