No. More. Wordpress.

BoomCMS, a simple, easy to use content management system

Working with BoomCMS, a simple, easy to use yet powerful and fully featured content management system

Forget Wordpress, it's time to use a real content management system

Frustrated by the shortage of easy to use content management tools we set out to build our own. Ten years, and many versions later, Boom is an intuitive, WYSIWYG CMS that makes life easy for content editors and website managers.

Here are a selection of interfaces from Boom. Read more about Boom or visit You can also try some of the simple editing features of Boom with our demo.

Where happy to talk about Boom please contact us.

Some example interface screens from BoomCMS

Asset manager

Albums view.png

Setting options - page feature image

Boom feature.png

Setting options - managing URLs

Boom URLs.png

Setting options - child pages

Boom children.png

Main menu options

Boom menu 2.png

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