Frustrated by Wordpress, infuriated by Drupal?

Easy content management systems

Looking for easy content management, BoomCMS is what you need

Are you looking for an easy to use content management system that's designed to make content creation simple?

Have you had enough of struggling to publish your content? Why should it be so difficult to keep your website up to date!

Let us introduce you to Boom.

In-house but open source

We are the London based design and development agency UXB London and we develop and manage Boom as an open source content management system.

We've spent ten years building content management systems culminating in our open source product Boom. Designed to make life easy for content editors and website managers Boom is an intuitive, WYSIWYG CMS. Often our users dive straight in without need of training from us!

Fully featured

Boom is used by content teams in large corporations and public sector organisations as well as small businesses and individuals.

The combination of powerful features, ease of use, and an extensible design make it ideal for anything from small blogs to large corporate websites and intranets.

With Boom you can:

  • Create and publish content in the actual page that you want to publish using the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor
  • Add new pages and sections with ease
  • Manage 1000s of images, videos and documents with albums with the elegant asset manager
  • Enforce simple type and graphic styles
  • Create and manage rich media libraries and galleries for documents and images
  • Manage cross site links and signposting through feature boxes and filters
  • Access all site pages through a 'tree view' site map
  • Set role based permissions for colleagues and other authors

and more…

More about Boom -

Try it for yourself - Boom demo

Have a look at the code - Github