Being responsive makes business sense

Adopting responsive design is the best way to cater for the massive shift to mobile, and customers will reward you for delivering a better mobile experience.


Responsive design has been called the next stage in mobile and is widely accepted as the most effective way to provide mobile users with a positive experience whatever device they are using.

The internet has already gone mobile and consumers are demanding faster, richer experiences on small screen devices. People move more swiftly than brands though and many are frustrated that so many sites and services they wish to access have not been optimised to accommodate their mobile habits.

Recent research from Google reveals that most people now expect a site accessed on mobile to match the experience offered by a desktop site. This doesn't mean the two should look the same. It means that users want to seamlessly switch between devices and be able to carry out useful tasks intuitively, without struggle. In simple terms - nobody wants to pinch to zoom any more so if that's the best your site can offer, beware.

Savvy business are adapting to this by designing sites that optimise for mobile and reaping are rewards for doing so.

Whatever business you're in, a quick look at your website analytics will probably confirm that visits from mobile users continue to rise. It's not long before mobile visitors will be in the majority.

So respond to your customers mobile preference and go responsive.

Native app or responsive - what's your view?