Reasons to make users cheerful (part 2)

Two issues have been frustrating users for as long as we've been researching and designing websites.

Back in 2008 we published a blog post with responses from research we'd conducted while planning a new website. The answers came from a simple question which we've asked as part of a number of website builds sinceā€¦

What website features or functions irritate you?

The original blog is worth returning to as the gripes of yesterday are still annoying people today. We noted then, that a significant number of respondents picked out poor loading speeds and cluttered pages which make it difficult to find information, as things that irritated them.

We most recently asked the same question as part of our research for the new St Chris website and these two issues remained a source of frustration for survey respondents.

The advances in digital technology over the last six years have been extraordinary so it is remarkable that website users are still being frustrated by websites which are slow to load and hard to navigate.

With more website builds in the UXB pipeline this year we'll be gathering answers to this question, and others, again. We'll provide a more thorough analysis later in the year but it will be interesting to see if slow speeds and poor navigation continue to top of the list of user irritants.