Crossrail: Tunnelling under London Leaflet

Answering some of the deeper questions

Only way to go

Crossrail is creating a new rail service into, out of and through London. The proposed route runs west to east through the capital and under its centre.

London’s densely developed centre means that the best way to provide this route is to build a pair of new tunnels with new stations below ground.

These tunnels will run from west of Paddington to the east of Whitechapel and the Isle of Dogs and be over 22.5 kilometres long. They will be built at depths ranging from 10 metres to 30 metres below the surface.

Clarify understanding

The digging of these tunnels is one of the major concerns people have over the Crossrail proposals.

This publication, designed by UXB, was intended to allay those concerns, by answering some frequently asked questions.

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