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Smart Energy GB resource centre

UX design with Clerkswell for Smart Energy GB

We were commissioned by Smart Energy GB to provide UX and visual design services for a refresh of the resource centre partner area of the SEGB website. We applied rigorous user centred test and learn methods to ensure that all of our advice and designs are effective. We also worked with SEGB to map customer journeys and improve smart meter enquiries to energy suppliers.

User testing revealed that users found the previous resources hard to find, navigate and understand

SEGB relies on community partners to help spread the word about Smart Meters. Partners, in turn, rely on SEGB for a regular supply of high quality, flexible resources that they use to carry the Smart Meter message to a very diverse user base. These might include those with sight, hearing or learning impairment, pensioners and speakers of other languages.

Partners had complained that resources were hard to find, order or download from the SEGB site. We were hired to understand why and to devise a means of improving the experience so that resources could be more easily found and distributed.

After carrying out remote, observed user testing, patterns of difficulty began to form that gave us an insight into where key UX blockages were located.

Using this as our departure point we designed a radical simplification of the Resources section of the website that reduced navigation layers, introduced search tags all in one screen, clarified the labelling and classification of asset types, and refined how they were presented on screen.


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