A family affair

E G Carter Ltd

A contemporary new website for a successful regional construction and development firm

We designed and built the website for E G Carter, a Gloucester based, family run, construction firm. A business that strives to operate in a principled and responsible manner.

Everything has gone very well, feedback is extremely positive

A family run business EG Carter have strong values that permeate into everything the business does.

During discovery we spoke with staff from across the business, from trades through to management to better understand the unique qualities that support the success of the business.

We worked closely with their management team to develop a website that reflects these values and positions the company within the communities that it serves.

Deliverables included key client objectives including:

  • promote the broad range of professional services and
  • emphasis the regional strength of the business
  • illustrate completed projects across all sectors
  • express the family values that the business is proud of
  • help new business development through clear contact channels

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