Website rescue service

If your digital partner is struggling, we can take over your website and provide the security, service and support you need

Business insolvency is a savage fact of the coronavirus emergency. Despite Government measures to help businesses safeguard jobs and avoid collapse, for some this will be inevitable.

Many businesses have their websites, businsess applications and digital services looked after by web designers that are in danger of going under. If your digital is unable to survive and closes at short notice, you might not know about it until discovering your site has disappeared.

What to do if your web designer goes under

Don't despair. If your digital partner has gone under or is unlikely to survive, we can help. We have experience of taking over websites where the exisiting design agency can no longer provide the service required.

After a short audit, and with access to your domain, we should be able to migrate your site to new host or take over your existing service. From there we can work with you to plan any changes required immediately or in the future.

What if you don't have access to your company's domain

It is remarkable how many businesses, even large ones, do not have control or access to their domain registration details and DNS records. We can usually get round this too. It is easier with the coorperation of your existing partner but even without this, we can enlist the help of Nominet, restore your site and preserve the domain authority you might have built up with site users.

What happens next?

If you have concerns about your site or the stabiity of your digital partner, contact us for a confidential chat. We are happy to help you maintain the service with your current partner or, if that proves impossible, step in to take over if required.

Typical costs

  • Basic rescure package from £1500
  • Monthly hosting and maintenance from £250
  • Suport and and advice from £650 per month